Bukalapak launches new program for its loyal consumers. The program is called “Pembeli Prioritas”, a monthly subscription program to get several premium services. Bukalapak‘s users can pay for a certain nominal (Rp50.000 for this promo) to get priority access in their account. Users with enough BukaDompet balance can make Priority Users’ subscriptions automatically renewed.

Brainy moves of top 10 e-commerce players in Indonesia

Challenges for online retail startup such as Bukalapak is how they keep up with the consumer’s traction, while other players ‘in the board of top player’ continue to seek consumer’s acquisition. Previously, the term “burning money” was popular among well-funded startup -mostly e-commerce- by providing incentives in the form of discount or promo for consumers. However, with all players having big fund, the strategy needs to be a concern, not only focus on one-time-purchase consumer, but also on loyal consumer.

Pembeli Prioritas Program in Bukalapak provides more value to consumers, one of which provides delivery discount up to 10 times in a month via Bukalapak’s logistic partners. In addition, consumers with VIP label in the profile are drew together to get faster customer service.

According to the data collected by iPrice, Bukalapak is one of the top 10 e-commerce player in Indonesia, based on the visitor rank, app installations and the consumer’s search frequency. Within a very tight competition, unique value is needed, as all services provide similar product or variants.

E-commerce yang paling banyak dikunjungi / iPrice

Bukalapak in 2018

Held a unicorn title, Bukalapak plans a full agenda this year. One of the priorities is the research center development to be placed in Bandung. In this R&D’s building, Bukalapak will develop the prototype of latest technology, including AI, Machine Learning, blockchain, also drone delivery

In the report presented by Bukalapak’s CEO, it’s revealed that Bukalapak managed to record more than 320 thousand transactions through 2.2 million sellers. Throughout 2017, Bukalapak has recorded a transaction increase of three to four times higher than last year with 35 million consumers (monthly active user/MAU). The number shows about 30% Indonesia’s netizen, who’s going online, have opened Bukalapak’s site in a month.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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