User’s Feedback on Using Popular E-money Amidst the Tight Business Competition

NoLimit research based on social media perspective of GoPay, Ovo, LinkAja, Dana, and Doku

Kristin Siagian - 16 August 2019

The payment-app (e-money) competition in Indonesia is entering a new chapter. The more players penetrate the market, the more interesting goes the war of strategy.

Nolimit, a company worked on online media analytics has recently released a report on social media perspective related to some payment apps. They highlighted the social media issue about each company in July 2019.

LinkAja is actively posting on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with 120, 179 and 189 posts each during July 2019. Dana is quite active on Youtube with 4 videos. These include posting for promos, inspiration, education or any other interaction.

On Instagram, LinkAja with 584,300 followers has reached 118,220 engagement with 0.17 ratio per post. This is far behind Doku with only 11,035 followers but getting 49,929 total engagement with 4,16% ratio.

In terms of followers in July 2019, Dana is leading the table with 12.01% growth on Instagram, 13.23% on Facebook and 30.09% on Youtube. On Twitter, Go-Pay made the most of followers with 18.52% percent.

Negative feedback comes from technical issues

In terms of feedback, LinkAja (26,354 feedback with +85,03%) and Doku (1,068 feedback with +85.55%), followed by Dana (49,570 feedback with +76.67%), GoPay (54,172 feedback with +45.41%) and Ovo (137,556 feedback with +3,26%).

Positive feedbacks mostly comes from promotions, such as 30% cashback from Ovo, GoPay PayDay and discount for BTS Bring The Soul ticket on Book My Show from Doku. The additional feature has an impact on social media. It’s easier to buy game vouchers using LinkAja, transfer via Dana or making Google Play transaction through GoPay.

Previously, iPrice Group and App Annie mentioned in their report; Gojek, including GoPay, Ovo, Dana and LinkAja placed as the e-wallet with the highest user rate. Observing the activity and feedback on Nolimit’s report, it shows LinkAja’s effort to accelerate user growth using social media interaction. Posts related to promotion, education and other interactions are quite high on various platform.

A small distinction with Ovo as many were talking about. They gain more negative feedback due to customer complaints on decreasing balance and login issue. Other players as GoPay, Dana, LinkAja and Doku also face the same complaints on social media about technical issues, such as top-up and transaction failure. However, positive feedback covers it all.

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