VIP Plaza Utilizes Scigineer’s Deqwas as Recommendation Engine

Prayogo Ryza - 16 September 2015

Japan-based advertising tech vendor Scigineer, whose minority of shares owned by Softbank, announced the availability of Deqwas for Indonesia-based e-commerce vendor VIP Plaza. The tech utilizes big data and machine learning concept to present the most suitable recommendation to users’ need. Its implementation is expected to multiple the number of VIP Plaza visitors.

VIP Plaza’s CEO Tesong Kim revealed that after successfully bridging customers in Indonesia with fashion brands that selling their surplus stock efficiently at discounted rate, his team keep attempting on reaching more users. The installment of Deqwas technology is expected to make it happen.

“From this moment on, we aim for further development, thanks to the installment of Deqwas, a Japan-based advanced digital advertising technology with remarkable track record,” Kim stated.

Deqwas means “encounter”, referring to its function of bridging customers with the appropriate products they require.

Various e-commerce services in Indonesia starts utilizing big data technology to increase their sales. Zalora uses big data to predict the most potential product. The installment of Deqwas may be a new benchmark in the sense that whether it could understand the taste and behavior of Indonesians or not.

Scigineer’s CEO Shinichiro Yoshii, who was a lecturer at the University of Hokkaido as well, proposes Deqwas as his scientific and mathematical solution to challenges in marketing. Through this approach, Yoshii attempts on giving a “shocking pleasure” to its customers.

- Translated by Rifki Aria Nugraha

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