Wavoo Lets Users Pick Their Match Directly from Their Mobiles

Avi Tejo Bhaskoro - 7 November 2014

It’s quite surprising to learn that more and more people are reliant to digital products nowadays, even when it comes to their personal needs, say, dating for instance. For digital players, this condition is highly promising. Just take a look at Wavoo, a mobile app which allows users to find "friends" and is often regarded to be likewise to Tinder dating app.

Well, after reviewing the app developed by Gema Megantara closely, it is just normal to say that it seems to get heavily influenced by Tinder. Both of them offer the same user experience, in which users may choose their ‘friends’ by swiping their profiles left or right. Apparently, Wavoo intends on branding itself as the Indonesian version of Tinder.

I myself has yet had any certain number of Tinder users in Indonesia, but based on my investigation to a fleet of relatives, it seems that the app has enjoyed quite popularity among Indonesians. Given this fact, it is most likely that Wavoo looks to use that momentum to reach Tinder’s users (and apparently users of other similiar apps, too, like Setipe, PMJakarta,, and Lunch Actually) and engage them to its not-so-different user experience.

Just a brief explanation about how Wavoo works. While most of its features are similiar to Tinder, the app provides ‘Wink’ which allows users to users to send notifications to others without having to be anonymous, chat with other users, and search for nearest friends based on their location. At a glance, it serves the same service as WeChat’s ‘Look Around’.

The good point is, such prominent features allow Wavoo to enter youth and young adults segment, unlike other dating apps which have the tendencies of focusing on professionals and adults. This indeed becomes one of Wavoo’s strengths to take over Tinder’s market. In fact, as long as the app can be presented to be more ‘local’, the app will surely control the market.

Unfortunately, the app is only available for iOS platform at the moment, and we have yet got any confirmation on whether it will be compatible with other operating systems or not. Therefore, we do look to contact the developer to discuss further about this app as well as strategy to enter both local and, hopefully, global market.

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