What Are The Must-Added Points In Startup Pitch Deck?

As pointed by Founder & CEO DailySocial Rama Mamuaya in #SelasaStartup

The journey of a startup from product launch to scale-up cannot be run by yourself. There are plenty of parties involved in the process, including the investors. Through various stages of investment, startup is supported to achieve milestones and success. By those, startup can strengthen resources of business frame to finish the product and bring traction.

It is the introduction of DailySocial’s weekly discussion #SelasaStartup presented by Founder & CEO Rama Mamuaya. In this session, Mamuaya focused on discussing the hints of making pitch deck, as the first step for access to investment. Before getting into the points, Mamuaya emphasizes on two aspects related to the purpose of a pitch deck.

Firstly, it should illustrate on why investors should invest money in startup, whether their investment will be paid off - in Return of Investment (ROI) or Break Even Point (BEP). Secondly, on how startup plans to use the investment wisely. On how to run a sustainable and growing business using the invested money.

The following points are needed to be present on a document or pitch deck presentation.

One Liner Pitch

It is written in a clear and explicit statement about startup and its business. It does not have to be a long paragraph with unnecessary details. A simple sentence or brief illustration of the general purpose of the business is enough.


For the record, investors are actually invest on the people, nonetheless the startup founders. For that matter, show them what kind of founders you have, explain the background, advantages, and how passionate they are in developing the business.

Vision or Mission

Describe what the founder's dreams for the established startup. It should be a big one, the visionary thinking in the future of its business development. The reason on why those things are important to achieve, whether for targeted market share or consumers in general.

Market Information

Data. Data. And Data. Mamuaya emphasized on this simultaneously. In order to illustrate the targeted market, a pitch deck needs to present a mature data of research or surveys. The existence of numbers on market circumstance (past, present, and future projection) will make a real picture.

Problem and Solution

Provide an overview of the problem, how wide the problem spread in market share. Show them a solutions on what to do with the existing business.

Product-Market Fit

It is explained here regarding the solution delivered before can solve the existing problems. It also specify on how users (in Alpha or Beta stages) respond to the product presented, by viewing app ratings or testimonials. On whether any traction that describes user tendency to pay for the services offered.

Product Roadmap

Provide the whole plans in the future, regarding product / feature updates, the latest version, and other projections related to the development process.

Business Plan

In short, explain how startup plans to make money from the product.

Financial Projection

It contains projections on startup financial management. This is an essential part. The total budget and its allocation will determine such things as talent acquisition strategy, product launch, through a needed number in fundraising. Initially, Financial Projection should be made routinely, in order to complete the pitch deck, and help the founder to manage cashflow.

- Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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