When Responsive Websites Surpasses Mobile Apps

Michael Erlangga - 28 May 2015

Any debate over which the better one is between mobile app and responsive website always ends up in the business objective of the startup itself. Possessing both is not recommended, especially when capital isn’t your strongest point. Although having better popularity, app is regarded not well enough to replace responsive website that can index and present the data/content in a better structure.

Mobile app requires a download to be done before being able to be utilized. A number of issues, like internet connection, data quota, and simplicity, may hinder startups performing their business penetration through mobile app. However, the app’s performance afterwards, including the features and UI/UX, may provide additional attraction. The swift between content is also faster since the structur code has been set within the device.

Regarding the velocity, it surely is faster than responsive websites which take more time to shift from one page to another. Nonetheless, it’s considered to be better by cutting the initial initiation as it doesn’t require any app to be downloaded, not to mention the fact that mobile browser’s been available in nearly every OS.

Why bother throwing our time away to search, download, and run apps if we can get the same content from responsive websites?

As cited from Whoops, each and every startup can enhance its valuation by maximizing the users’ convenience. Thus, the ability of distributing content properly could be decisive. In this case, search engine plays a crucial part.

How? By maximizing responsive website’s strongest point of course; redirecting perfectly curated data and content directly and leave things that slow down the performance, like presentation layer which presents the whole framework that highlights the page presentation, behind.

To conclude, responsive websites allow startups to emphasize on their product’s perfection rather than presenting new-but-old things.

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