WORKnPLAY Starts Offering Airline Ticket and Hotel Booking Services

Collaborated with Tiket.com, WORKnPLAY is looking for opportunities in Indonesia and Singapore

WorkNstay, once known as a service in the property business, is now changing the business model by re-introducing itself as WORKnPLAY. The new name carries some changes. WORKnPLAY becomes a map or location-based mobile app that integrates property, hotel reservations, and airline ticket purchases.

In early 2017, WORKnPLAY was first introduced in Indonesia and Singapore as a marketplace that helps users buy or sell their homes or office space. Together with Tiket.com, WORKnPLAY adds two main features, namely the purchase of airline tickets and hotel reservations which synergized with WORKnPLAY services. Users can also order Uber service within 60 kilometers to facilitate travel between locations on the intended destination.

One thing distinguished WORKnPLAY from other OTA services is a map-based concept. WORKnPLAY real time map feature can help users in reducing hassles while searching for nearby hotels.

"With our map-based system, users only need to select a hotel pin to book a room. It will make it easier for users to book their favorite hotels," WORKnPlay's Chief Strategy Officer, Irwan Hartanto, said.

WORKnPLAY is said to be eyeing opportunities and potential growth in Indonesia and Singapore, starting from urban areas. To achieve this goal, WORKnPLAY focuses on delivering quality services to give users a good impression.

"Right now, we're focused on giving users the best satisfaction rather than monetization. For us, every focus is on finding the right 'DNA' and high market match in Indonesia and Singapore," Hartanto explained.

"We have been getting consistent traction improvements since January 2017."

WORKnPLAY is said to be eyeing opportunities in expanding to Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines in 2018.

- Original article is written in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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