XL Axiata and Indosat Admit They're Interested to Acquire Link Net

Prayogo Ryza - 1 July 2015

The rumor of XL Axiata and Indosat’s interests towards Link Net’s shares start showing a hint. Both companies are indeed in the midst of competition for Link Net’s shares as they are heading for a business diversification of being fixed company.

A couple of times ago, we reported that XL and Indosat were fighting for Link Net’s shares which First Media plans on releasing, although their motives were quite unclear. MNC was also reportedly interested to join the fight. As CNN Indonesia reported, XL expressed its interests towards the shares.

“XL is interested to have the possibilities of acquiring Link Net,” said XL’s President Director Dian Siswarini.

Indosat’s CEO and President Director Alexander (Alex) Rusli was on the same page. He also admitted the Indosat’s interests are based on Link Net’s vast experience in serving Fiber To The Home (FTTH) services.

Siswarini added that upon materializing the plan, XL also considers other options. She further stated that it is possible for XL to partner with local and foreign partners, including Indosat.

Regarding this, Alex commented, “About the synergy with XL (upon acquiring Link Net’s shares), it’s an interesting idea to discuss.”

The plan gets backed up by the Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara. He commented that both are strong players in mobile and broadband sector. If they enter the FTTH sector, its penetration in Indonesia will surely get accelerated.

One thing for sure, whomever gets the shares, it will definitely add more competition to FTTH sector. Some of FTTH service providers like Telkom, Biznet, and MNC Play are also adding more facilities to attract more users.

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