Yuna App Officially Released as Virtual Assistant For Fashion

Yuna App Officially Released as Virtual Assistant For Fashion

Its business model is applying subscription fee for brands
Yuna & Co's CEO Winzendy Tedja in Yuna's launching / DailySocial
Yuna & Co's CEO Winzendy Tedja in Yuna's launching / DailySocial

Indonesian women’s high interest in consuming fashion and beauty products draws attention of many local to global startups. One of which is Yuna, a freshly launched local startup. It’s claimed to be providing mobile app supported by Artificial Intelligence technology.

In today’s (12/13) media gathering, Yuna & Co CEO Winzendy Tedja said, his idea in making fashion app functioning as matchmaker is started from personal experience among women’s habits and trends related to fashion.

“To be able to create a more personal style, I, later with other co-founders are decided to make an app where you can unite brand with consumer based on likes and preferences.”

An app which now available to be downloaded on Android and iOS, is displaying style selection matching consumer’s taste. Later, based on the personal style, Yuna will match the consumer’s data collected with products from existing 40 brands listed.

“Registered brands on Yuna are all premium one, or also in e-commerce business or having offline store. We intentionally present a premium collection targeting woman in need of personal assistance in choosing the right fashion.” said Tedja.

Yuna virtual assistant as chatbot

Based on a chat message, registration process, style selection and directing to the matching brand, Yuna appears actively in app, helping users like a real-person assistant.

Asked about the significant difference between Yuna’s personal assistant with e-commerce, Tedja confirmed Yuna’s chatbot feature can be used by brand in communicating directly with users or potential buyers.

“Thus, it allows brand to know directly what user wants and tastes from an app,” added Tedja.

By a unique feature, fashion app with matchmaking concept is claimed to be the first in Indonesia. Yuna app is free to use by users. Meanwhile for monetizing, Yuna will apply subscription fee for brand, offering data and other unique features in Yuna.

“On the amount we get from brand is not to be revealed, but we guarantee the brand to get accurate access related to consumer behavior and other unique features to help accelerate the sales,” said Tedja.

Yuna’s target in 2018

Since iOS version launched on May 2017, Yuna focused on attracting brand to join. It is targeted on the second quarter of 2018, Yuna can reach approximately 100 local and global brands. In total, there are currently 50 thousands SKU with a million Yuna’s product combination.

“In addition, we will present the latest features, collaborate with influencers, fashion bloggers, brands and related communities to expand our business,” ended Tedja.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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