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Detail Artikel Ohdio, Web Music Streaming Service for Indonesian Market

Ohdio, Web Music Streaming Service for Indonesian Market

Jakarta, June 5 2012 – With a mission of simplifying music search, listening and sharing songs to friends, Ohdio, at the address http://ohd.io, is launching a web music streaming service for the Indonesian market.

Ohdio attempts to solve a simple problem – people using a computer, whether it be a personal one or one at the office or a cybercafé, need an easy way to listen to music, without downloading any songs or apps, without the need to carry their own music players, and access to a large library of songs. Ohdio can be accessed using most modern browsers, and by simply going to the website and registering, music fans can listen to their favorite music anywhere, from any computer, as long as there is an internet connection. Ohdio can be enjoyed free by anyone in Indonesia, but there will also be a premium service with more features.

Ohdio works directly with Indonesian recording companies to offer as much music as possible, from current hits to longtime favorites, with a focus towards Indonesian music.

Ohdio launches today by invitation only, and music fans can start registering through the Ohdio site, after which access to the service will be opened gradually to those who register. The music service itself will start to operate on June 14th, 2012.

Yoga Nandiwardhana, CEO Ohdio: “The web music streaming concept is definitely not new, even in Indonesia, but we want to put forward how easy it is to search and share music. We want to empower one of the main characteristics of the Indonesian music listener – that listening to music is as much of a social activity as it is personal.”

Ohdio is launching with the help of investment from East Ventures, who saw a unique opportunity to participate in Indonesia’s music industry development.

Batara Eto, Managing Partner East Ventures: “We see that Indonesia’s enthusiasm for music is very high, and Ohdio will be able to contribute to that as a distribution channel for Indonesian music.”


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