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Unlock Your Potential to Build Your Future!

What is DNA?

Digital Nation Ambassador (DNA) is an initiative program by DailySocial.id that helps you to expand your knowledge of the exciting world of digital startups ecosystem. Through this 6-month online program, you'll have the opportunity to connect with other students and tech startup founders in Indonesia and gain valuable insights into the dynamic world of digital startups.

What will you get?

Exclusive Club

A club of elite, young and creative minds from various parts of Indonesia.


Unlock your potential and expand your skills in every session with us.


Make valuable connections with top startup founders in Indonesia and accelerate your professional growth.


Share your insights with an amazing audience and connect with other innovative individuals from Indonesia.

Exclusive Access To Insight Classes

Public Speaking

Take your public speaking skills to the next level and become a confident public speaker.

Content Writing

Enhance your content writing skills with classes on data journalism and SEO writing.

Content Creation

Discover the power of personal branding on social media with the right content.

Project Management

Learn how to lead successful projects from start to finish and become a master the art of project management.

The Criteria of an Ambassador

Between 17 to 24 years old

Committed to the 6-month program

Actively in the organization's initiatives

Interest with startup ecosytem, technology & entrepreneurship

Regularly engage with social media platforms

Have strong communication skills


By joining this program, I've gained numerous fresh and intriguing insights that were previously unfamiliar to me. I'm also grasping the practical application, as we receive assignments post-class to reinforce what we've learned. I'M PROUD TO BE PART OF DNA!
Muhammad Gathan Hafidz
University of Indonesia
DNA Cohort 1
I am delighted grateful to be a part of #DNACohort1. The journey has brought forth numerous valuable lessons and enriching experiences. Sending my best wishes for your continued success and growth ✨.
Ria Anjelina
Del Institute of Technology
DNA Cohort 1
Experiencing and gaining extensive knowledge for the first time has been truly enlightening. Perhaps, I wouldn't have recognized the significance of thorough research prior to publishing written content. Heartfelt gratitude to DNA for this invaluable journey!
Andi Engku Putribuana
Alauddin Islamic State University
DNA Cohort 1
From navigating LinkedIn for the first time, mastering crafting a personal brand on social media, bolstering self-confidence, and even venturing into the realm of article writing—these steps are stirring and awakening the dormant potential within us.
Athallah Rangga Allifiandi K.
Surabaya State University
DNA Cohort 1

Program Timeline

Timeline Registration


(28 Aug - 25 Sept 2023)

Register and complete your personal data.

Timeline Interview


(6 Oct - 13 Oct 2023)

The initial selection process of member DNA.

Timeline Announcement


(19 Oct 2023)

Announce the selected students to take part in a 6-month program of DNA activities.

Timeline Activity


(24 Oct - 7 Dec 2023)

On duty as DNA.

Timeline Graduation


(14 Dec 2023)

Celebrate your graduation as a DNA!

Member of #DNACOHORT2

Lead, Learn, and Network!