6 Indonesian Startups That The World Needs To Know

Rama Mamuaya - 1 September 2014

Whenever I meet people who is not from Indonesia, I am constantly being asked what are the exciting Indonesian startups these days. It's a tough question, since I don't know what classifies as "exciting" or "good" for a startup. But I've gathered 6 startups that I think qualifies as both "exciting" and "good" in the sense that if you're an investor, you should definitely take a look; if you're an entrepreneur, you should check it out anyway.

These are 6 Indonesian startups that I think has a unique product, and has a good chance to grow outside of Indonesian market, and hopefully also the global market.



With the tagline "simple enterprise helpdesk software without the enterprise headache", Bornevia aims to make it easy for corporations to manage its customer relationship online. Corporations usually have multiple channels to handle when it comes to CRM, Bornevia wants to make this process centralised and easier to manage. During our latest interview with founder and CEO Benny Tjia (ex Yammer), over 500 corporations is currently using Bornevia and some of them are paying customers.

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Kurio is a mobile smart news reader app. It "reads" your interests in online content consumption, and scour the internet to find content that are most likely to meet your interest. In their own words, to "discover, explore, and consume internet’s best news and beyond; that matches your personalities..". Kurio filters millions of articles every day and recommend you the best article from your favorite topics, and is now available for both iOS and Android devices. For now Kurio is incubated under Merah Putih Incubator.

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The main purpose of is to get the best out of two worlds, by using technology to leverage offline experience. Essentially, is a combination of a NFC and/or RFID-powered wearable device with digital interaction software. This means, with, you can get people to come to your offline event and interact with a software that can be customised according to your objectives.




Agriculture is often overlooked by the nerds working for tech startup companies, but in a country like Indonesia where agriculture is still a big industry, this can't be the case. 8Villages offers robust, cloud-based carrier-grade messaging platform, allowing real-time communication between farmers and customers. Since 8villages is targeting people in the rural area, SMS, MMS and push notification are the way to go, making the system dependent from 2G/3G or any data access.

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Digital advertising is a huge and vastly growing business in Indonesia, and Adskom is one of the company is riding the wave. Adskom provides the technology for agencies or brands to effectively buy ads online using their proprietary technology. Adskom's technology allows publishers to review, track & make decisions that optimise ads inventory sales performance with a sleek dashboard. Adskom is founded by Italo Gani and Daniel Armanto, and funded by Rebright Partners, Digital Garage, East Ventures, Beenos Plaza, and Skystar Capital, and is the most funded startup in this list.



Cubeacon is a simple way for offline merchants to communicate with your customers' smartphone, usually to push customer loyalty programs. With Cubeacon's solution, merchants are able to see the customer movement as they walk throughout the story via app installed on their app that sends data to the transceiver device. Cubeacon is developed by Eyro digital teknology, ltd. Each Cubeacons are small wireless devices that can broadcast bluetooth signals to smart devices. A cubeacon pack contains of three cool designed beacons and a separate battery for each.

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