A Chat With Yahoo Indonesia's Roy Simangunsong About WPP Stream

Rama Mamuaya - 10 May 2013

Early this month, May 2-4 to be exact, myself and other 150 got the exclusive invitation to this unconference event called Stream Indonesia 2013 organized by WPP. The global event takes place early autumn each year and brings together over three hundred of the brightest and most innovative people in the creative, media and technology industries.

The event was held at Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta, and I personally think that it's one of the best event I've ever attended. Roy Simangunsong, Yahoo Indonesia's Country Ambassador also attended and we got to chat with him regarding the event as well as the impressive list of people who attended.


Before participating, what did you expect to get from WPP Stream?

I expect on 3 area when going to any event : 1. Expanding the network 2. Opening new horizon of ideas and thinking 3. Discussing some thought in my mind if it permit and possible

What do you think about the whole "un-conference" theme?

I think it is a cool idea and a bit different in compare to the model of one way communication and then you got the chance to speak up when given. In this model, you can own the discussion and have people take part in a more engaging though it would be good if there is a construct of thinking that are lay out to every discussion leader in order to frame the discussion into something actionable, or maybe this was not actually the purpose

5 things you learn from WPP Stream?

Let ‘s keep it to 3 , I think it is easier to remember 1. Unconventional thing can make people think more open and progressive 2. The place where publishers , agencies, product owner being melted in one place 3. Among the many good track that are there, you need to pick the most important and impactful for you

As one of the lucky people who got invited, what do you say to those who wants to know more about WPP Stream?

Hahahahaha, I believe it is a mutual benefit for the invited and invitee. Seriously for the people who want to know more about WPP Stream, it is the place where great ideas blend into a platform of engagement.

Any tips for next year's participants?

1. The topics should not be all about you but about the rest of the world 2. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes so go with courage J 3. Take your time to digest and discuss about your topic to the audience but most important make at least 1 key action to be follow up by yourself or by others.
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