Abraresto Launced the Carrots Program to Ensure Significant Growth

Avi Tejo Bhaskoro - 13 October 2014

It is apparent that AbraResto aims to strengthen its performance in Indonesia. After successfully entering the scene with a remarkable breakthrough, AbraResto keeps designing high quality strategies, this time through a program called “Carrots”. AbraResto indeed aims for a significant growth by the end of this year.

Ankur Mehrotra, AbraResto’s CEO, stated that Indonesia’s market is a challenge on its own level. It’s always challenging, he claimed, to enter a country where social media is people’s favorite, since he has to put more attempts to penetrate the market. Thus, he and his team designed the Carrots point program. This, and some other local approaches, will be AbraResto’s mainstay to win the people’s heart.

“We always find out the latest trend of Indonesian people, thus we frequently renew our strategy to accommodate their needs on culinary recommendation and sharing with others. This Carrots program is one of our attempts of doing so,” Mehrotra stated during his press conference (8/10).

The Carrots is a program where users can collect points from the activities that they do as a registered member of AbraResto. The points can be collected by actively interacting with other users as well as exploring the platform. The Carrots points that users have collected can later be exchanged with various forms of rewards.

“This Carrots program is a token of our appreciation for Indonesian users. The collected points may be exchanged with various attractive items, such as restaurant vouchers, gift cards, to plane tickets to Singapore and Thailand. We even offer a special grand prize, which is an invitation to a yacht party in Seribu Islands,” Mehrotra added.

Talking about the business, he admitted that the program was designed to increase the traffic. He claimed that AbreResto’s monthly growth of new users reaches 180% with more than 150,000 new users have been registered so far. Besides targeting the increase of traction, Mehrotra mentioned that AbraResto will also look to add more partnership with a fleet of culinary business entities, as it’s actually the way his company monetize. So far, AbraResto has already added 40,000 restaurants in Jakarta and Bandung into its database.

To get wider traction, Mehrotra stated that AbraResto doesn’t limit itself to high class restaurants, but also street vendors as well. This is particularly to reach everyone from any social classes, which results on significant increase of traffic. Such approach is really fundamental for foreign startups who want to be successful in Indonesia’s market. This and the content localization are two things which are really important to be carried on by this Singapore-based company that works under the AbraTable Pte, Ltd.

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