Bank Danamon Launches API for Developer

Targeting fintech services, e-commerce, and corporates. Plans to launch a product

Yenny Yusra - 4 December 2018

Bank Danamon launches Application Programming Interface (API) Central, its an open API or open banking that allows the third party to connect directly with banks for all transactions, either financial or non-financial.

The commitment shows Bank Danamon intention to extend collaboration with related parties by providing digital technology-based services, with fast, safe, and easy implementation. Bank Danamon connection with customers is claimed to boost faster with API Central, therefore, it supports better business development and customer transactions.

"Previously, we launched API Central but it was limited to certain clients by holding a special meeting. Currently, our API Central is officially open for public," Ronaldi Laksana, Danamon's Vice President and IT Group Head said.

He added, open banking is now a thing, in order to expand collaboration with p2p lending, e-commerce, corporate, and other services.

Later, Bank Danamon will continue to develop and complete API Central's service packages. Currently, Danamon provides 7 main services at API Central accessible on special website.

Developers can immediately learn about service packages provided by Danamon while testing in the safe environment sandbox.

In an effort to provide a more unique value proposition, Bank Danamon plans to launch a new feature which is quite advanced in terms of technology.

"Currently, the service is under development, but when it's ready, we'll announce it, and it'll make Bank Danamon more unique than other bankings," Djamin Nainggolan, Danamon's Senior Executive Vice President and Digital Banking Head, said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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