Bremble Furniture Arrives in Indonesia, to Provide Augmented Reality Based Product Browsing

Recently launched a showroom in Jakarta, plans to develop new technology for customer experience

Yenny Yusra - 31 January 2020

Was founded in 1991, Bramble Furniture officially expands to Indonesia. The US-based furniture company has placed a fabrication center in Indonesia. For better customer experience, a new showroom was built in Jakarta. However, something's unique with its debut in the local market, in order to improve the customer experience for product awareness, the company developed an Augmented Reality (AR) based app.

Using a combination of showroom and technology, it's expected to help customers to directly see the products. Bramble has also formed a local team in Indonesia to help market penetration.

Bramble Furniture's Director, Jeremiah Bramble said Indonesia is an ideal market for the company. Not only focus on B2B but Bramble is currently targeting middle to upper-class consumers with lists of luxury design products available online and offline.

"Despite providing definite benefits, the B2B market makes it difficult for us to build direct relationships with customers. With the launch of the showroom and the AR-based technology in the platform, it is expected to increase the number of new customers," he added.

AR technology implementation

Bramble furniture

In the app development, Bramble collaborates with Ars.App. In particular, Ars.App helps brand and designers to share interactive content digitally through AR. Using the developed app, users can directly see the designed furniture in detail.

"Only by downloading the Ars.App application on PlayStore, users can directly select all Bramble furniture products. This method is to facilitate customers with easy transaction while enjoying a unique experience when purchasing products online," Ars.App's Co-Founder, Jonathan Aditya said.

Every digitalized product in 3D format by Ars.App always based on Bramble data on customer's interest obtained from their activities in the e-commerce platform.

"Currently, not only millennials capable of using kinds of technology like AR but common people are also using it. It certainly makes it easier for us to promote this feature to customers to facilitate them for purchasing by virtually see the products in its original form," Aditya said.

In addition to the AR technology, Bramble and Ars.App will collaborate to implement Virtual Reality (VR) technology into the platform. In the development process, VR technology is expected to help customers while providing opportunities for companies to collect relevant data also acquiring new customers using technology.

"In the future, I can see the AR and VR technology not only through smartphones but also through glasses or smart contact lenses in which currently being developed in the United States," he said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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