Bukalapak Launches “Bayar Tempo” PayLater Feature for Small Shops

In collaboration with Indodana; limited to 40 thousand Mitra Bukalapak in Jabodetabek

Marsya Nabila - 24 July 2020

Bukalapak launches Bayar Tempo Paylater feature for Mitra Bukalapak’s productive financing solutions in developing their businesses. This feature is a result of the company’s collaboration with Indodana’s p2p lending startup.

Bukalapak’s AVP of Investment & Financing Solutions, Dhinda Arisyiya explained, Bayar Tempo provides a credit limit to shop for wholesale products and purchase transactions of virtual products in the Mitra Bukalapak app. Therefore, partners can run operations and have easy transactions even though they are yet to top up the balance.

“We make it easy to use this feature on the main page, balance page, checkout, and payment methods in the Mitra Bukalapak app. Partners can use it repeatedly without limit and to be paid at any time before due date,” he said during an online press conference on Thursday (7/23).

To date, the grocery store entrepreneur is classified as an underbanked with difficulty receiving financial access from financial service institutions. The Bayar Tempo feature is expected to be able to assist them in developing their business without being hampered by burdensome requirements.

This feature is only accessible for 40 thousand selected Mitra Bukalapak joined before last December. Locations are spread in Greater Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Bandung, Gresik, Karawang, and Sidoarjo. Also, the average sales in the application have to be quite active and healthy.

First, before it was official on 10 July, Bukalapak has gathered thousands of Mitra stalls for trial and feedback. Although the number is not stated, the result turns out quite good, it’s 0% failed. The results create confidence in Bukalapak to expand its user base.

The average nominal submitted is IDR 500 thousand, for a 30-day tenor. There is no interest charged, however, there is a service fee per month.

“If partners pay bills before the due date, the limit will return to normal and available to use.”

In terms of submission, partners required to attach a photo ID and selfies with ID cards uploaded in the Mitra Bukalapak application. The verification process only takes a maximum of 1 day or 30 minutes at the fastest.

Para pembicara saat konferensi pers peluncuran Bayar Tempo / Bukalapak


In terms of Indodana, the partnership with Bukalapak is the company’s effort to improve productive loan products in the SME sector. To date, the distribution of funding in this sector has reached 30% of its portfolio.

“We are very proud to launch Bayar Tempo with one of the best e-commerce platforms in Indonesia focused on local SME productivity,” Indodana’s Head of Business Development Timothy Prawiromaruto said.

Bukalapak selected with Indodana because the startup had obtained an official permit from the OJK and had the same vision in developing micro-businesses through quality financing.

Indodana also runs a paylater product to provide online shopping convenience. They have worked with online merchants and e-money players in developing the product.

According to the company’s internal statistics, the Indodana application has been downloaded by more than 3 million users throughout Indonesia. To date, they have distributed around 1 trillion Rupiah to 30 thousand customers, both for personal and SME borrowers. Indodana alone provides loans between 1-8 million Rupiahs with a tenor of 3-6 months.

This startup is affiliated with the Cermati financial product aggregator. One of Cermati’s Co-Founders, Carlo Gandasubrata, serves as a commissioner in Indodana. Also, the operational office located at the same address as Cermati.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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