Co-working Fintech Space Officially Launches, UnionSpace Marked Its Presence in Indonesia

Partners with Indonesia's Fintech Association (Aftech), Kejora Ventures and Gan Konsulindo

Marsya Nabila - 24 January 2018

Co-working space operator UnionSpace (previously known as Cre8) officially introduce its service in Indonesia by launching co-working Fintech Space in Jakarta specifically for fintech. The new office is targeted to officially operate in June 2018.

In its presence, UnionSpace partners with locals such as Indonesia's Fintech Association (Aftech), Kejora Ventures and Gan Konsulindo. Through the strategic alliance, UnionSpace will develop partnership network includes GK-Plug and Play Indonesia and Founder Institute. Soon to be launched, a few international level startup accelerate programs.

"We are excited to be a part of business economic growth in Indonesia. One of which is in fintech. We believe that Indonesia will be a promotor for Southeast Asia's market growth. Through Fintech Space, we support a rapid growth of fintech and an enormous wave of entrepreneurial revivals in fintech segment." said UnionSpace's CEO Albert Goh in the official statement.

For him, Fintech Space is expected to be a platform for collaboration among fintech stakeholders, including members of associations, regulators, finance companies, venture capital firms and the startup itself.

Besides, this venue will hold the number of fintech activities in the form of educational and sharing knowledge sessions to support capacity building of business players.

Aftech's Chairman, Niki Luhur, added that Fintech Space could be a place for collaboration, exchange ideas and solutions as a means to create new innovations, and become the center of network development to accelerate fintech industry growth in Indonesia.

"Such public places are necessary to help accelerating fintech players work, in order to fulfill the priority of the national financial inclusion agenda for opening access to the financial services to at least 75% Indonesia's population." he said.

The registered members in Aftech has reached 137 people, bring together 114 fintech startup companies and 23 financial institutions.

UnionSpace itself first came up with the name Cre8 Community + Workspace. In October 2017, it receives invvestment from Kejora Ventures and Gan Konsulindo with undisclosed value. After the new investor, Cre8 in Indonesia with several other brands in Southeast Asia are fully transformed into UnionSpace.

Currently, UnionSpace is available in five locations around Jakarta, three locations in Manila and one located in Malaysia. In addition, it also has an online community platform "Enterprenity" which holds about 24 thousand users throughout the world.

Related to UnionSpace expansion, Albert Goh is targeting this year to add more than 20 locations in major Southeast Asia's cities to be managed independently.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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