Codex: An Initiative to Help Telkom Digitize Indonesia

Not only for Telkom, Codex also develop solution for company in general

Prayogo Ryza - 5 March 2019

In order to take more roles in the digitization, one of Telkom's divisions is trying to develop some solution for more companies in general. Under the name Codex, some projects ongoing are framework and technology for Product Management System and People Management System.

To DailySocial, Hopy Familianto as Codex's CEO and co-initiator explained that their team is trying to take roles in Indonesia's digitization process. Started from Telkom's demand of technology and digital services, a broader initiative was born to help other companies.

"Before rising as a form named Codex, it was come from top management initiative to help Telkom, especially the Digital Service Division, to transform into Digital Telco. I, Bramasta Dwi Saka, and Muhammad Nazri who started this project to be implemented," he added.

Codex initiative is introduced in July 2018. There are talents in various sectors, such as designer, researcher, data scientist, and programmer. They started to develop new products expected to bring transformation in Telkom. Since September 2018, Codex is started to open for public and has developed some solution for common problems in some companies.

"In the beginning, we used a lot of existed technology in market, aiming to guarantee experience from the developing products to meet the users expectation. Our main objective is experience, then technology, following the demand," Familianto said.

In the different occassion, Codex's team member, Joy Gabriel explained that they're developing a Talent Management platform functioned as digital solution for human resource management.

"Special for this [Talent Management Platform] we didn't develop it limited to Telkom. Instead, it's also for general case, therefore, when being implemented in other companies, it can easily adapt," he added.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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