Coding Indonesia and Samsung Introduce Programming Language to Children Through Workshop

Adjie Priambada - 18 November 2014

It’s always good to let kids learning something new. Recently, Samsung and Coding Indonesia did such thing by holding a Coding and App Creation Workshop at Sekolah Cikal, in which they invited 30 students aged 9-11 y.o to take part. During the event, they utilized the Galaxy Tab 4’s Kids Mode feature.

“Our main focus is to let kids know that technology is not merely a consumption. With technology, they can create something based on their interests,” Wahyudi, Coding Indonesia’s Co-Founder, told Liputan 6.

Coding Indonesia is a pioneer of coding course for children which focuses on introducing coding to Indonesian kids. Prior holding the pre-mentioned workshop, the organization once held the “Holiday Coding 5 Days Boot camp” which invited kids under 15 y.o to  create 6 game titles in 5 days.

During the workshop, the kids were given freedom to create an app in three days using Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. Wahyudi claimed that the result was amazing, as most of the participants were able to create at least one app in only two hours, and some of them were even rooted from original ideas.

Selfia Gofar, Samsung Electronics Indonesia’s Product Marketing Senior Manager, said, “Samsung attempts to get children closer to technology. Not only as consumers, but also creators. This is to prepare them to face globalization.”

One of apps resulted from the event was the “Colour Games” by a fifth-grader Nayanda. The app lets gamer differentiating colors in provided images. Nayanda, who finished the app in only two hours, claimed that coding is fun because she may combine points of math, logic, and games.

Interestingly, Nayanda’s parents were surprised with their kid’s achievement. “We are shocked, never thought that our kid can create an app. She isn’t into gadget or computer that much in her daily activities,” they said.

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