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Bonang Setoaji - 22 June 2011

DailySocial readers might have heard or even used services such as iBooks, Kindle, or Papataka once featured in DailySocial several months ago. Or even buy ePub or PDF formatted e-books there.

Soon there will be another option in purchasing and reading e-books,BukuTablet®, the product will provide services in selling and marketing e-book published by local publishers from Jogja, Bandung and Jakarta. Right now BukuTablet® is still in development process, later on BukuTablet will provide virtual books store and software application for your tablet device.

On June 21, 2011 at di RM Bumbu Desa, PT Informotics Digital Persada (Informotics) as BukuTablet® developer signed MoU with 40 publishers in Jogja. The collaboration will be valid for e-book publishing and the marketing will be through e-marketplace using BukuTablet® application.

The application is expected to accomodate book lovers to buy and hunt e-book through their mobile device wherever they are. Users can purchase and download e-book directly on their tablet device. This will become another mean for book industry in marketing their product and provide reading facility that is in harmony with the growth of tablet devices. However, market adaptation will become an issue that needs time to be solved, considering people's reading pattern and literacy toward technology.

“For now, we are developing BukuTablet® application on Android platform, and to be released on soft launching July 30, 2011 in Jogjakarta, and other platform for iOS and PlayBook will follow suit afterwards,” said Ardiansyah (CEO Informotics).

Book industry has been slowing down in Jogja. Quoted from Kompas, several factors causing it are multiplied tax in book production, complicated trading system and heavy competition. I don't think this happens only in Jogja. I notice that at least once in every 3 months there's a book bazaar to sell old stocks so that publishers can get revenue out of them.

Ardiansyah also said that later on in every book exhibition/bazaar they will introduce and promote BukuTablet® application. They believed that BukuTablet will help publishers in marketing their books in e-book format.

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