Coming Soon: Maskoolin, E-commerce Fashion Site for Men

Andi Miftachul - 26 July 2012

In the midst of the spread of e-commerce for Indonesian women, there will be an e-commerce dedicated for men. The e-commerce website is called Maskoolin is developed by PT. Rocktokom which has succeeded in developing a social recommendation platform, Rockto.

Previously, men’s fashion is a segment mined by several e-commerce sites. There is Fashion Pria which discusses anything about the trend of men’s apparel and sells men’s fashion product. But Mustafa Kemal Wiryawan, co-founder of Rocktocom, says that the concept brought by Maskoolin will be different.

Maskoolin works with several brands to market the remaining stock of the previous season. This helps brand owner to sell all of the stock, as well as giving space for the upcoming stock because the item sold on Maskoolin will be stored in Maskoolin’s warehouse. Maskoolin even provides a line of fashion product to help brand owner produces goods.

Maskoolin will help the customer by providing men’s fashion products starting from tops, bottoms, shoes to various accessories. Another benefit, customer will get those item with cheaper discount.

To help boosting the development of Maskoolin, Rockto will exploit Rocktokom’s previous products, Rockto as its promotional media. This will help new brands to promote in Maskoolin.

According to Kemal, Maskoolin will be released on the second week of the fasting month, parallel with the release of other e-commerce own by Rocktokom, Bangkrut Bos. Bangkrut Bos sells accessories for smartphone. is a news portal for startup and technology innovation. You can be a part of`s startup community and innovation members, download our tech research and statistic reports, and engage with our innovation community.

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