Dicoding and Google Provide 1000 Scholarship for Lecturers and Students

Opportunities to be Android app developer experts

Prayogo Ryza - 11 April 2018

In order to expand app developer community in Indonesia, Google partners with Dicoding, a learning platform [programming class] in Indonesia. It creates opportunities for a scholarship to learn Android app development in the Android Developer Expert provided by Dicoding. There will be modules, curriculum, and mentoring by experts.

This scholarship is addressed for students and lecturers of information technology wants to deepen their ability in the field of programming. Scholarships will be awarded to the eligible candidates.

The candidates are to attend online class for 90 days with curriculum and modules compiled by the experts and to be mentored by Dicoding and Google Developer Experts through professional discussion and code review.

There are 125 modules, 35 videos and 24 quizzes provided in Bahasa, from material testing, debugging, to Enhanced System Integration. In addition, the candidates will also get the printed book of "Becoming an Android Developer Expert" published exclusively by Dicoding and a picodiploma certificate from Dicoding whether the entire module is completed in the class.

"By partnering with locals such as Dicoding, we look forward to participating in Indonesia's digital economy management, which easily developed by innovative, cutting-edge developers," William Florance, Google Product Relations Group Developer, explained.

This partnership is Google's support to help Indonesia in advancing the digital economy. They believe to have found the right partner with the same vision to educate and train Indonesia's app developers.

Google team on its official page mentioned:

"Through the partnership with locals such as Dicoding, we look forward for a real contribution to Indonesia's digital economy, a whole covered system ready to use with qualified app developers."

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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