Disney+ Hotstar is to Launch in Indonesia per September 5th, 2020

A similar brand is used to expand Disney+ service in India

Yenny Yusra - 5 August 2020

Disney eventually announced its streaming service in Indonesia. With the same brand as its presence in India, “Disney+ Hotstar”, Indonesian users will be able to enjoy the video streaming application per September 5th, 2020.

There is no further information, including subscription fees or specific collaboration with local partners. However, Telkomsel had previously launched a customer survey related to their interests and responses if Disney + rolled in Indonesia and accessible through Telkomsel’s special package.

In contact with Disney Indonesia representatives, the company is yet to reveal any detailed information for the new platform. They only announced a statement made earlier by Disney CEO, Bob Chapek during a 2020’s third-quarter business exposure, mentioning the plan to launch Disney+ Hotstar service in Indonesia (including in 9 countries outside the United States that were targeted market share).

Previously, the company is said to reach 60.5 million Disney+ customers as of August 3, 2020, after reaching 57.5 million customers at the end of the third quarter, in June 2020. The number increased by 6 million customers from the 54.5 million the company reported on 4 May in the second quarter.

Streaming service competition in Indonesia

In a previous article, DailySocial observed the popular streaming platform in Indonesia. Currently there are dozens of applications that provide similar services. The thing is, it’s a matter of content diversification.

Regarding consumer interest in Indonesia, based on our survey, respondent’s preference on choosing streaming services is based on several factors: easy access (87%), lots of contents (81%), promos (54%), and subscription fees (48%).

The presence of Disney+ Hotstar will be quite prominent, seen from the trends and interests of the Indonesian people who are quite enthusiastic about trying the new US-based video streaming platform.

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