DSConnect: Connecting Startups and Investors

Investing or fundraising? DSConnect helps you identify and connect awesome startups with amazing angel investors and VCs.

About 12 unicorns with 57 centaurs in 2021 prove that Indonesia's startup ecosystem has successfully passed its first decade. Even during the pandemic.

The tech industry has proven to generate great economic value and wealth creation globally, empowering various sectors to optimize their potential through technology. Although the list of startups with huge valuations continues to grow, the new generation of founders is still appearing with a more solid skillset and a better understanding of the industry.

DSConnect from DailySocial.id is launched to bridge between startups and investors. Using DSConnect, investors can find a list of startup founders currently fundraising with the details of the company, founders as well as the fundraising. With a click of a button, founders and interested potential investors can get an email introduction they can follow up with further meetings.

We believe that in this marketplace of founders and investors, we have to keep the quality of entities as pure as possible. So for now, we will be curating both sides: investors and fundraising founders. Details for applying as founders and investors are on the website.

We also believe that now is the right moment for DSConnect. We see rapid growth in managed funds as well as the expansion of the venture capital investment hypothesis. In addition, there is a trend among founders, serial entrepreneurs and startup leaders who also become angel investors to participate in investment rounds to early-stage startups.

DSConnect can be accessed via https://connect.dailysocial.id/, where you can register and login using your DailySocial account. The platform is completely free to access for now, as we hope to become an investment hub for early-stage startups and the investment community.

If you are a startup founder and are still fundraising, please select the “Connect to Investor” option and tell us more about your startup and the fundraising.

Meanwhile, if you are a venture capitalist or angel investor, please “Apply as Investor” and give us a little bit of information about you before we decide to admit you to the platform. We go through a tight curation process to make sure the fundraising and investors list contains awesome startups and investors worth connecting so it might take us a few days, but we’re doing it as fast as we can.

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