E-commerce Roadmap to be Finalized This Year

Indonesia to have Digital Economy National Strategy as E-commerce Roadmap cover

Marsya Nabila - 14 February 2019

E-commerce roadmap is to be finalized this year, after its drafting in 2014 and legitimate on 2017. The government is drafting three other rules related to the digital economy.

"It's currently on finalizing step in the state secretariat. There are some other regulations on process like the data discussed by DPR," Rudy Salahuddin, Deputy of Creative Economy Coordination, Entrepreneurship, and Competitive Cooperative and SME's Coordinator Ministry of Economy, said.

He said, President Regulation (Perpres) of e-commerce which is long been initiated had many irrelevant points. Therefore, some aren't finished, but some also added, such as data protection, cross-border transaction, digital goods and services, and build up local products.

In terms of data, the government is having difficulty in collecting data. In fact, data is an essential component in drafting a regulation. The Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) is requested to collect data from those e-commerce, except the resistance due to confusing business players.

The government will create synergy between Ministry/Institution (K/L), therefore the e-commerce data will be issued shortly. E-commerce players won't have to worry by K/L's data request.

"Learn from that, the government wants to make a more integrated collecting system. Because the government often make data request, it'll be complicated, and we want to avoid it. We'll make an integrated data center for the better data collection."

He also mentioned, the finalization will be followed by Digital Economy National Strategy to cover it. It's necessary for Indonesia to be the e-commerce hub in Southeast Asia. In this National Strategy, everything is being managed, including tax, logistics, cross border, talent development, data protection, and others.

"Our country doesn't have any national-scale digital economy strategy. We need to finish it by this year to cover Perpres."

Based on Hinrich Foundation report, Indonesia's digital sales have economic potential of Rp2,305 trillion by 2030. This number has grown by 18 times from Rp125 trillion in 2017.

Digital export has contributed one percent of the current total export. In fact, digital export is likely to increase up to 768% from the current number, Rp240 trillion, by 2030.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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