Emergence Capital Predicts Mobile Enterprise Apps Market in APAC to grow 50% by 2020

According to a research by Emergence Capital, the mobile enterprise apps market is predicted to reach $100 billion of annual revenue in the near future. While the global market of mobile enterprise app rapidly grows, its share in Asia Pacific may be 50% bigger by 2020.

The report coins four factors that encourage the growth of mobile enterprise sector. First, it’s employees’ favorite. Within this ‘Mobile Enterprise 2015’ report, half of employees state that their mobile device is highly or fairly essential for their job.

Second, the role of Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) culture. The report suggests that within a vast growing business, employees may utilize their own mobile devices to facilitate their tasks. 74 percent of respondents’ organization even plan on applying the culture to their daily operation.

Third, plenty of money for mobile sector. Emergence Capital predicts that company’s budget for mobile technology will be doubled next year.

Last, the availability of apps. Along with the growing budget, entrepreneurs may focus more on building mobile apps for business. Thus, there will be more and more apps relevant to challenges in industries.

Based on those four factors, Emergence noted a significant development in the mobile enterprise segment. Globally, the segment enjoys 20 percent of growth from last year. Another trend suggests that some of M&A activities get more centralized in productivity category. However, investors are also paying attention to other categories, such as payment, healthcare, and marketing.

Emergence further states three prediction and opportunities. The first point covers the increasing utilization of “horizontal” mobile app, which is classified into desk extension group and focusing on productivity category. Some of famous companies playing here are Box, Slack, and Evernote.

The second point explains about the expansion that field workers do towards their mobile apps, with health, construction and field services being their main “vertical” focus. Emergence believes that these non-desk workers actually represent 80 percent of global human resources.

The third point would be the center of attention. The report predicts that the use of enterprise apps in developing markets will be significantly multiplied. In Asia Pacific, for instance, the growth will be as huge as 50 percent by 2020.

Considering that the global potential growth and trend are unstoppable, it’s just normal to see local app developers improving themselves, especially those focusing on mobile apps. You may check this link for the full report.

- Translated by Rifki Aria Nugraha

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