Emurgo Implements Blockchain Technology for Business in Indonesia

For initial stage, Cardano platform will be featured for Hero Group, Senada Group, and Kilau Group business network

Yenny Yusra - 18 July 2018

A Japan-based firm developer supporting and making business incubation, Emurgo, besides training and mentoring students in Indonesia, has signed the agreement with three companies in Indonesia. They are Hero Intiputra (Hero Group), Senada Group, and Kilau Group.

"We've ensured Emurgo Japan to be the first blockchain platform partnering with locals in Indonesia. PT Emurgo Solusi Indonesia is Emurgo's first joint venture," Metodius Anwir, PT Emurgo Solusi Indonesia's CFO, told DailySocial.

The Tokyo-based company is now open in other Asian countries, such as Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Singapore.

Blockchain for retail, property, and financial service

Shunsuke Murasaki, Head of Business Development Emurgo

As a big company, Hero Intiputra is making strategic partnership to Emurgo. Cardano Project, which focuses on the blockchain technology implementation, is expected to improve Hero Intiputra's performance in some industries, such as trading, wholesale, and distribution all over Indonesia.

"Together with Hero Intiputra, we'll collaborate to find study case for blockchain strategy implementation specifically in global trading and retail implementation in Indonesia," he said.

Through Cardano Project, Emurgo expects to support the company for blockchain implementation and decentralized applications development using Cardano software as the main industry.

"Aside of Hero Intiputra, we look for a collaboration with Senada Group that has experience related to the energy sector, and with Kilau Group for property and financial industries," he added.

Therefore, Emurgo expects to provide investment and opportunity for startups which use blockchain technology by giving incubation and invite more new talents for the use of blockchain technology to be implemented for public affairs.

"Through its business network, Emurgo wants to implement blockchain technology for enterprises, and consistent in commercial partnership using Cardano technology," Anwir explained.

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