FintechSPACE is Ready to Support Indonesia's Fintech Startups

Already launched an office in Satrio Tower, providing place and activities for fintech startups

Yenny Yusra - 4 September 2018

After launching its service in early 2018, UnionSpace coworking operator (previously Cre8) marked its presence by establishing FintechSPACE at Satrio Tower, Jakarta.

Consistent with the main mission, to provide a place for idea exchange on fintech policies and to implement new innovations and concept in fintech industry, FintechSPACE partners with fintech startups also financial institutions, such as DBS Bank, Midtrans, and Kejora VC, Gan Kapital, and Fenox.

The rapid growth of digital financial services along with massive interest from related parties leading fintech startups to have a unique landscape in Indonesia. Albert Goh, UnionSPACE's CEO, mentioned that fintech startup has become an aggressive digital economy energy of Indonesia which capable to make a faster and easier transaction.

"The contribution is high, in addition, fintech has various innovations and technologies. Starts with peer-to-peer lending, payment system, cashless, Software as a Service (SaaS) and many more. This is a moment to continue acceleration and expansion of fintech business."

Connecting startups with related parties

Aside from the coworking space in Satrio Tower, UnionSPACE has four other branches in Jakarta, includes the space in PIK Avenue, Metropolitan Tower, Barito Pacific Guesthouse, and also Harton Tower, with some other places in Bangkok, Manila, and Kuala Lumpur.

Some of the facilities are providing comprehensive business services, such as coworking space, private office, virtual office, corporate establishing, and many more. Currently, FintechSPACE occupies 3 floors and 55 suits that soon to be increased to 200 suites.

In supporting the startup community which targets are fintech services, FintechSPACE will hold some activities to support startup and fintech key players to develop, by connecting them with official partners as FintechSPACE commitment to make a contribution for Indonesia's fintech development.

"FintechSPACE's focus is to invite and serve some financial-based companies in Indonesia, to gather and facilitate the collaboration, also supporting Indonesia's economy," he added.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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