Folio Presents Cloud-Based Business Management Services

Aditya Daniel - 24 October 2014

There are indeed many ways to determine the success of a retail or franchise entrepreneur, and one of them is by using the cloud computing technology’s point of sale. A number of startups have even taken this concept as their business model. After Pawoon, Folio is now there to provide such services and be used for free.

Entrepreneurs may find the latter one as really irresistible, as it doesn’t limit the number of outlet, cashier, or shop that they have, not to mention the absence of registration fee. In regard to the type of services and business model, Pawoon and Folio are not poles apart. Both provide cloud computing-based online store management services, including stock management, additional item types, sales history, and cashier and tax management.

Folio has a shortcut which enables users accessing their desired items in no time. Simple but really helpful. Should users find any problem while using the platform, they may directly go to the Help menu to get some enlightenment. Another feature that Folio has, which is the customer management, becomes something that differentiates the Folio with other similar platforms. By this feature, users may have an insight about who the most active shopper is and what products become a hit. The platform will also benefit from the feature, as it may have its market researches done much more effectively and efficiently.

By using Folio, users may have the sales report, item stock, and popular products. In general, those data are presented in form of table and diagram and can be obtained in certain periods. Unfortunately, Folio has yet supported PDF or CSV format of the report, which may ease the customers to share the data even more.

Having said that, the monetization method that Folio applies for its business is still unclear, but most likely it would implement the 'freemium' concept for complete features. For the time being, let’s just cherish what Folio has to offer. is a news portal for startup and technology innovation. You can be a part of`s startup community and innovation members, download our tech research and statistic reports, and engage with our innovation community.

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