Getting Closer to Version 5.0, Multiply Now Released Multiply Indonesia Special Page

Getting Closer to Version 5.0, Multiply Now Released Multiply Indonesia Special Page

Getting Closer to Version 5.0, Multiply Now Released Multiply Indonesia Special Page
Getting Closer to Version 5.0, Multiply Now Released Multiply Indonesia Special Page

Multiply is in the process of preparing the latest version, Multiply 5.0 which will maximize it as a meeting place for sellers and buyers, making Multiply as a social shopping service.

Multiply also has been officially set up their office in Jakarta. Via their official blog, Multiply office in Jakarta is predicted to become the second largest office after their headquarters in Florida USA.

They also now have special page for Multiply Indonesia, which became sort of an online representative to meet with customers and their users in Indonesia.

From the blog on the Multiply Indonesia site is explained that Multiply Indonesia has had 34,000 sales network that continues to grow as many as 2,000 sellers each month. Indonesia’s market share has become one main target market in addition to other Asian countries. Branch offices, employees addition and the test platform of Multiply 5.0 have been done. They also actively meet with the vendors who use Multiply as a selling tool and tester team of the latest version of Multiply.

Aside as a means of communication with the vendors or users in Indonesia, also become the official online store that sells merchandise from Multiply Indonesia. It seems that they also do a test on their new platform at this store. As once described by DailySocial in the previous article, Multiply 5.0 later will provide an integrated online store facility, such as shopping cart, the facility to manage the inventory of goods as well as some convenience in providing goods purchasing services and high-resolution photo upload facility.

I myself tried to make a purchase and see the process of purchasing goods in a Multiply shop, such as other online store, we can see the list of goods or to see things in more detail, make the buying process, once you login, you can try other buying feature including the already available facilities shopping cart.

In the process of purchase, you can choose to use a courier, with the additional cost of Rp 12,000 and choose from the 3 options of payment, using BCA, Mandiri, or using PayPal. If you use interbank transfer facility, then Multiply has provided direct validation form for payment. Order form can also be seen in the inbox of the user account.

There is still no official date when Multiply 5.0 will be released to the public. It looks like Multiply is still doing tests on the sellers to obtain input information so the features and display of their latest versions could have maximum results. Multiply Indonesia official store also became a kind of example to show the various facilities that can be used in the Multiply version 5.0.

Some of its features are quite nice, such as for the sellers, they can also arrange a list of products from the cheapest to the most expensive prices. For products in the form of shirts, there has a size option to facilitate the buying process. The display and process of the shopping cart are also good enough, the option to use a courier and direct payment can also become one of the facilities used for the buyers when the shipping address is close to the shop, and of course it can support sellers who also have an offline store.

Of course we still have to wait to see how the opinions of buyers and sellers widely after version 5.0 is released to the public, whether the seller will provide a positive response or remain comfortable with previous version.

You could try some Multiply online stores facilities by accessing the link Do not forget to give comment about your experience after trying the features of the Multiply-style online store platform.

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