Go-Food Goes to Bali

Amir Karimuddin - 30 June 2015

After Jakarta and Bandung, Go-Food enters Bali. Users who want to purchase high quality food without having to go to the restaurant, can make use of this service as long as the delivery range doesn’t exceed 25 km. Being launched in one of most visited tourism spots, it can be said that the service’s main target is tourists.

So far, the reception towards Go-Food in Jakarta is quite massive. Unlike other special delivery services which only serve particular areas, Go-Food’s willingness to cover street vendors has brought the service instant fame. In Bali, tourists who are too busy to visit their favorite culinary spots only need to place their order via a mobile app, and their favorite meal will be at their disposal in seconds.

Bali indeed is a strategic location for delivery services. Foodpanda has been there for a while. Go-Food’s been quite aggressive in expanding the services, as it just announced its presence in Bandung around three weeks ago. Meanwhile, Go-Jek’s services have been in the island for four months.

We have yet received any further information on the rate of Go-Food’s services in Bali, but we assume that it won’t be far stretched from the services in Jakarta or Bandung.

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