GO-JEK Partners with Findaya, Dana Cita, and Aktivaku

Plan to boost financial service for drivers and users

Randi Eka - 4 September 2018

GO-JEK (8/31) announced a strategic partnership with three fintech lending companies, Findaya, Dana Cita, and Aktivaku. It aims to add up financial service options in GO-JEK ecosystem for merchants, drivers, and users. In fact, Dana Cita is a p2p lending service focused on academic purposes.

Findaya is a financial product of PT Mapan Global Reksa focused on lending for GO-JEK and GO- LIFE teams. Aktivaku, on the other hand, is a p2p lending platform focused on property products.

"Our enthusiasm in GO-JEK ecosystem is the partnership with financial technology providers for bridging consumers and partners, particularly those having difficulty to access formal financial services. We rely on the solid partnership between financial service providers with technology companies can reach broader public haven't had an access to banking services," Andre Soelistyo, GO-JEK's President said.

Moreover, Susli Lie, Dana Cita's Co-Founder, explained, "We believe our platform can help GO-JEK ecosystem to access financial services, particularly those related to academic financial. Our vision is to widen academic access for all students by reducing financial constraints."

Ricky Gandawijaya, Aktivaku's Co-Founder, through this partnership, optimistic that GO-JEK ecosystem can get a safe and transparent financial service. "We can provide housing financial service options for GO-JEK ecosystem in need. Aktivaku also supports the ecosystem development through an easy capital access for SMEs," he added.

The official launching is attended by OJK representatives. Hendrikus Passagi, OJK's Fintech Regulation, Licensing, and Supervision Director, said in his speech that this synergy could increase financial inclusion in Indonesia. He also emphasized that OJK will continue to boost the existence of digital economy ecosystem in Indonesia to improve public welfare.

This is not GO-JEK's first partnership to advance its financial service. Previously, in late 2017, GO-JEK has made some acquisition over three fintech startups at a time, Midtrans, Kartuku, and Mapan. Nevertheless, it was issued by authority related to the procedure, Bank Indonesia in this case. BTN, BNI, Bank Permata Syariah, Allianz, and BPJS Ketenagakerjaan was previously engaged in a strategic partnership with the first local unicorn.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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