Go-Play Video Streaming Service Begins the Beta Version

It's already on board for users for trial and feedback collection

Prayogo Ryza - 25 June 2019

Gojek is to announce the launch of Go-Play. The video streaming service is currently being offered gradually to users while collecting feedback.

The access for Go-Play beta version will be available for selected users through Gojek notification. In addition to the new features, users will be given free streaming and download of all movies and series in the platform during the trial.

“Go-Play is now available in beta version for some users, as a stepping stone for further development. In this phase, we invite users to share feedback on helping us complete the service,” Gojek’s VP Corporate Communication, Kristy Nelwan said.

Gojek’s plan to enter the content industry has been long initiated by Gojek’s SVP of Acquisition and Development, Michy Gustavia in the Asia-Pacific Video Operators’ Summit last year. Go-Play is said to be supported by a special unit called “Go-Studio” in terms of content.

Not only on-demand content of Indonesian movies, but they are also to produce documenter movies related to Gojek activities. She sets an example of a documenter movie about cancellation ratio and women.

In terms of innovation, Go-Play is to be part of Gojek’s effort in becoming a “super app”. The closest competitor in Southeast Asia, Grab, also has a similar service. They partnered up with Hooq as the on-demand content provider to be attached in its app.

This year, Gojek is quite “racing” to add on some new feature in its app. After Go-News, Go-Comics, and Go-Give, Go-Play might also be launched this year.

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