Gojek Introduces GoToko, to Help Small Shops Maintain Stock

In early stage, this service currently available in South Tangerang

Yenny Yusra - 11 September 2020

In using a network of partners and merchants in the ecosystem, Gojek officially launched GoToko for shop owners or grocery stores to fulfill goods and product inventory. In accordance with the campaign launched, namely #MelajuBersamaGojek, it is hoped that GoToko can become a relevant platform for shop owners.

As prioritizing end-to-end services, Gojek strives to optimize the supply demand of goods by shop owners and grocery stores. Currently, GoToko is only available in South Tangerang. In the future, Gojek plans to gradually expand to other areas.

“The launch of GoToko strengthens Gojek’s mission to provide solutions faced by users and at the same time creates a social and economic impact for more stakeholders. In order to grow, these SMEs need to receive adequate service support, even though the location of the stalls is difficult to reach and small business-coverage,” GoToko’s CEO Gurnoor Singh Dhillon said.

GoToko is also equipped with features such as monitoring order history, tracking the delivery of ordered goods, inventory management, access to sales and financial data, and product recommendations according to market demands. Access to promotional and loyalty programs from product brands is increasingly open through the GoToko platform.

The concept that targets the B2B segment is not much different from that of Mitra Tokopedia and Mitra Bukalapak, which previously offered by the marketplace platform. Meanwhile, platforms such as IDmarco and Warung Pintar also offer similar services for shop owners and grocery stores in Indonesia.

Expand partnerships and optimize logistics

In addition to SME empowerment, GoToko is also open collaborations for consumer goods producers to jointly expand product reach, therefore the visibility of relevant products for grocery store consumers can increase. Next, those who join will get real-time market analysis access to the shop level that covers all product brands.

“GoToko’s services will support producers in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of sales and marketing of newly launched products, opening up opportunities to utilize marketing channels and digital campaigns, becoming new market research channels; promotion and marketing in accordance with targets, and reduce costs and increase efficiency in the operation of the general trade channel. This end-to-end relationship is expected to increase industrial progress,” Gurnoor said.

GoToko offers various product categories, ranging from food, beverages, household needs, toiletries, beauty, and health, as well as baby needs from various manufacturers. With only a cellphone and minimum specifications as Android 6, grocery store entrepreneurs can access the GoToko application.

“Gojek’s reliable logistics services are here to ensure timely delivery. Through middle mile, warehousing, and last-mile solutions, the product will arrive at the grocery store a maximum of the next day with next day and same-day delivery services,” Gojek Group’s Head of Logistics Junaidi said .

Supported by the cash on delivery payment system from Gojek, shop owners can optimize operational costs. Not only saving costs, time, and complexity issues previously faced when shopping manually can be resolved through the GoToko platform.

Furthermore, GoToko will also enhance technological innovation to be able to increase the opportunities for additional income for shop owners and grocery stores by utilizing products, services, and other Gojek members.

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