Gojek Launches Get in Bangkok, Thailand

After the beta version of ride-hailing, delivery, and food delivery

Randi Eka - 1 March 2019

The on-demand platform developer, Gojek is officially launched Get as part of its expansion in Bangkok, Thailand (2/27). The launching was attended by Rudiantara, Ministry of Communication and Information, Thailand's Ambassador, Pansak Siriruchatapong, Gojek's Founder & CEO, Nadiem Makarim, and many more. Get actually started its business since 2018 in beta version.

Currently, Gojek has claimed the service has reached 80% of Bangkok. In addition to ride-hailing (Get-Win), there are also delivery and food delivery services called Get-Delivery and Get-Food. In order to maximize its debut in the white elephant country, Gojek creates local team to run Get.

Get's Co-Founder & CEO, Pinya Nittayakasetwat in its speech said with the local team understanding combined with technology and Gojek experience should give on-demand solution in the region.

"GET has succeed in scoring two million trips in just two monts since the first beta version in Bangkok. It proves the high consumer demand in this industry sector. In addition, our data shows to this point, the driver partners has gone through more than three million kilometres," he added.

Gojek's Founder & CEO, Nadiem Makarim also talked in Get ceremonial. The international expansion aims to find a way to bring Gojek's technology for more positive impact in various countries.

"Get launching in Thailand is Gojek's important achievement. We're thankful for the support of the stakeholders including the government, either in Indonesia or Thailand. We always expect to realize vision and bring our technology to the broaden public, while making Indonesia as the center of technology innovation in Southeast Asia," he added.

After its launching, Get has introduced benefit service program for driver partners, including access to training, vehicle insurance, life insurance, and savings programs. The Get team is committed to team up with the Thai government to support the digitalization of the transportation industry.

Get-Win as two-wheeler transportation mode has made curation to guarantee all drivers are "Win" licensed. Currently, Get-Food has partnered up with more than 20 thousand merchants, start from stalls to restaurants.

Get algorithm is designed to support all merchants, not only the most selling ones, to help sales growth and increase awareness of all restaurants in the platform. Shuffle card feature developed by Gojek is also integrated into Get for the interface can be adjusted with each user's preference. This feature will recommend food based on time and location nearby, therefore the experience will be more convenient.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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