Grab Introduces "Grab Defence" for Partners to Prevent Fraud

Consists of 3 main features, equipped with "machine learning" technology

Prayogo Ryza - 14 March 2019

Grab announces the latest technology to detect and prevent fraud for Grab partners in Grab Defence series. Grab's Head of User Trust, Wui Ngiap Foo explained, Grab's machine learning technology analyzed millions of data everyday in real time to detect fraud, both old and the current pattern. Grab Defence is developed as a place to share skills with partners.

"Fraud will always evolve, therefore, we create algorithm that also capable to evolve and learn the pattern to be one step ahead of the con man. Fraud exists not only in ride-hailing industry. It is the main general issue among digital economy players. We want to share some techniques with partners having the same difficulty. We have to work in team in order to solve this problem and make it into better technology ecosystem, stronger and trusted in Southeast Asia," Wui Ngiap Foo added.

Grab representative claims to make a large investment for better system with machine learning and artificial intelligence technology support to identify and prevent fraud in Grab's platform.

Grab Defence's three main features, such as Event Risk Management Suite, a feature that allows business players to value risk of an event or transaction through a series of API, to evaluate risks, supported by machine learning. This feature can be used in real time, set some fraud standards according to the business model and requirement, and diagnose suspicious acts.

Next, there's Entity Intelligence Services, a service using Grab's database to identify criminal entity, such as phone number, email, and others for requirements to predict risk potential to all users making interaction on the platform.

As an example, business players using this service to get the risk value from the new users, if the number is low, they can choose to permit users to enter the app.

The last main feature in Grab Defence is Device & Network Intelligence Services, a service that can detect con man using data from user's devices. Another benefit is to help business player take care of themselves from fake account, as a result of lost devices, including cyber detection.

"Every business using online transaction will get benefit from Grab Defence. A unique technology we've built with infographic, can be an additional value to the previous anti-fraud system. We all have important roles in reducing fraud in Southeast Asia. The collaboration that involves parties which helps us to reach the target," Wui Ngiap Foo explained.

However, Grab Indonesia's President, Ridzki Kramadibrata said, there's a syndicate in Indonesia that benefits illegaly through fake GPS app. Grab Indonesia has issued anti-fraud campaign called Grab Lawan Opik!.

"We're proud with what we've done and will do to reduce fraud in our platform. We're glad to deliver Grab Defence to our strategic partner to develop a healthy technology ecosystem in Indonesia," he said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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