Halodoc Launches Mental Health Consulting Service

Already acquired 500 psychologist and psychiatrist

Yenny Yusra - 30 June 2020

After recently expanding partnerships with related parties, Halodoc health technology platform launched a new feature that is accessible through the application. The specific channel is to help users with mental health consultations, supported by 500 registered psychologists and psychiatrists.

In Indonesia, Halodoc reported only a few Indonesians are consulting with psychiatrists. According to Halodoc's VP Marketing, Felicia Kawilarang, the negative stigma against mental disorders in the community becoming one of the challenges for those who experience any indications, especially in terms of access to psychological assistance.

"Now, through easily accessed telemedicine services via smartphones, it is expected to be the first step of a solution, especially amid this pandemic."

Previously, clinical psychology and services were available at the "Chat with Doctor" feature on Halodoc. However, in order to maximize these services amid pandemic, Halodoc presents special channels related to mental health. Users who want to consult can directly open the Mental Health service on Halodoc's front page and choose the Clinical Psychology or Mental Medicine feature.

After launched over two weeks, the Halodoc Mental Health special channel has increasing user growth up to 400%. The most complaints include complaints about depression, anxiety, and stress.

"If you ever experience excessive anxiety, it is advisable to immediately consult a professional through Halodoc telemedicine services in order to maintain your mental health. This is also in line with the Covid-19's Acceleration Handling Task Force which was delivered through various opportunities," Felicia said.

In addition to Halodoc, another healthtech with similar service is Psikologimu. Founded by psychology alumnus, this startup wants to facilitate access to mental services in Indonesia.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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