Holland-Based Coworking Space "Spaces" Officially Launches, Targeting Local and Multinational Startup

A sister company of global coworking service Regus

Marsya Nabila - 28 February 2019

Spaces, Holland-based coworking space, officially launches in Indonesia based in World Trade Center 3 (WTC 3) in Jendral Sudirman, Jakarta. Spaces is not only targeting startup enthusiast but also offering users from multinational companies expecting to develop business in Indonesia.

Spaces is a sister company of Regus, global coworking service. In Indonesia, Regus has a broad network, distributed around Bali, Jakarta, Serpong, Balikpapan, Makassar, Surabaya, Bandung, and Medan. Globally, Regus has three thousand spots in 120 countries.

Both Spaces and Regus are under International Workplace Group (IWG). Spaces starts its business since 2006 and has network in Europe, US, South America, Australia, and Asia. In Southeast Asia, Spaces is now available in Thailand, Singapore, and Philippines.Followed by Malaysia and Vietnam this year.

"Currently, there are many small business players to professionals realize that flexible working solution is a gate to enter the new community. Jakarta is a starting point for lots of new companies, SMEs, and young entreperneurs for meeting, working, networking, interacting, and changing ideas," IWG's Regional Vice President, Lars Wittig said on Wed (2/27).

Within 2.226 sqm in the 2nd, 3dr, and 20th floor in WTC 3, Spaces provides Business Lounge, Common Area, and 150 Private Offices. Room such as Business Lounge can be rent per hour, other rooms can be rent monthly or yearly.

Order will be done through app, including to select location, payment with credit card and member update. Wittig said WTC is selected due to high business activity with many local and multinational companies. Also, easy access for transportation.

All furniture are imported from Europe. Decoration style is inspired from Scandinavian with minimalist design. The atmosphere should support tenants productivity, convenience as home.

Supported by Regus global, Spaces members can use all rooms in Regus to work and connected with people nearby. On the contrary, it doesn't apply with Regus members.

"The benefit can be used for those who want to grow business in Indonesia. Meeting up with business relation can be in Spaces, just show the member card."

Wittig ensures to expand value and to boost collaboration concept for all its member worldwide, the team has commitment to expand to other locations in Indonesia and inject seed funding with significant value.

However, he avoid to mention target location for this year. Wittig said Jakarta to be the main target, soon to enter the second-tier.

"Location is important for coworking space, flexible working need unlimited network, especially for millennials. We have power in it. In terms of industry, we've seen the annual growth has reached 25%-30%."

In the internal study conducted by IWG, 98% professionals in Indonesia choose flexible working space that allows them to be productive when travelling.

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