Personally, I use HootSuite since a long time ago and now I use the pro account (paid account). Although I also use other services like TweetDeck or Seesmic and some other services.

Lately, I received email from one of HootSuite staffs, Stephanie Wirihardja who works at Marketing Department, and works on Indonesia Community (to cooperate with social media users in Indonesia) also some translate for HootSuite from various applications. HootSuite is based in Vancouver, canada.

This email is interesting because the question came up to my mind is whether HootSuite has presented here in Indonesia?

In fact, it hasn’t presented here which means HootSuite hasn’t built branch office or had special staffs who are based in Indonesia. HootSuite also not yet have plans to expand to other countries, at least that is what I can infer from Stephanies information on her email. However, HootSuite also want to prepare an informal meetup gathering called as HootUp in Indonesia, and if there’s no obstacle it will be held in October. For the detail information about the venue and the date, you can follow the information on DailySocial.

Indonesian users is quite small in number by now, and also not in the 10th most users (look the picture – data last November), which means that the meetup is to introduce HootSuite services to the users in Indonesia. We all have already known that social media and the users, including the various application and services, has big number of users in Indonesia, both individual or corporate (brand or agency). It may be means that HootSuite is interested in Indonesian market.

Now, HootSuite has more than 2 million users and recently raises fund about $3M. They also pay attention on certain countries for more specifically by engagement, write blogs, info sheets, translations, and other programs.

This meetup will be more like meeting for HootSuite users. They will invite some speakers to share their experience both about social media or HootSuite.

As other popular services in Indonesia, for example Foursquare which has just translated to Indonesian, HootSuite seems follow the idea, although by now the translation process is still limited (the public enthusiasm to voluntary translate it also low).

As HootSuite users, I will try to come to the HootUp which will be held in some cities. It will also be interesting to see what strategy HootSuite will do, especially to Indonesian market, for customers’ the adaptation and competition. As far as I know, there are some local services (usually used by brands or agency) which have some facilities similar to HootSuite.

Let’s wait for the further information for the HootUp event and HootSuite strategy in Indonesia!

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