HP Launched Various Products to Support Company’s Business Mobility

Adjie Priambada - 7 May 2015

The growth of technology and necessities to be mobile have generated a new trend called Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). However, it may serve as double-edged sword, especially when it comes to company’s data security. Thus, Hewlett Packard (HP) recently introduced its latest 8 products dedicated for businessmen who are expected to be highly mobile. Those products are claimed to have multi-layered security and be able to improve employees’ performance significantly.

Hewlett Packard Indonesia’s President Director Subin Joseph stated, “Mobility while working isn’t all about accessing e-mail from outside, but also regarding how we can get connected with our companies and customers. Unfortunately, this has yet been utilized by some people with modern mobile devices, as in Indonesia, even though the penetration (of mobile devices) is quite high.”

Indonesia, according to IDC research back in 2014 on the mobility of company business, is still in the second phase (opportunistic). However, IDC also projected that Indonesia will reach the third phase, which is Repeatable, by this year. To reach that level, however, a number of challenges appear, as BYOD is still companies’ main barrier all this time.

IDC Indonesia’s Associate Research Director and Head of Operations Sudev Bangah who attended the launching commented, “BYOD is the main barrier in realizing the enterprise mobility strategy in Indonesia. Why? Because due to the fact that many (personal) devices get connected to company’s network, you may also present a security issue to your company at the same time.”

Bangah further added that another challenge would be the Indonesians themselves. He stated, according to the IDC survey, Indonesia is the country with the highest number for “uninvited” users getting connected to certain networks. Moreover, Indonesians are also perceived to be brilliant enough in finding the “back door” of every system.

Based on that fact, HP attempted to offer company’s business mobility solution through its eight new products which are claimed to be specially designed to fit the needs of employees, be it in education, health, public security, or retail industry.

HP also partners with numerous independent software vendors in giving complete business solution which focuses on mobillity. Some of them are Carner (for health solution), Integraph (for public security solution), and SAP EAM Solution

which is projected to be the core of integration while providing the solution for both industry and vertica customers.

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