Indomog Adds 7000 Alfamart Outlets to Its Distribution Channels for Online Game Vouchers

Aulia Masna - 13 June 2013

Indonesian convenience store franchise Alfamart on Thursday (13/6) announced an agreement with local online payment company Indomog to begin selling MOGPlay cards, its brand of electronic game vouchers. Previously, Indomog has been selling game vouchers at 7-Eleven and Lawson outlets, as well as several supermarket chains and ATMs. With Alfamart on board, Indomog adds 7000 new locations in which gamers can purchase vouchers for online games.

Indomog chief of operations Lucky Hakim confidently said that the addition of Alfamart will easily triple or even quadruple its revenue from selling online game vouchers by the end of the year. "We can't share our sales figures but we easily sell upwards of half a million vouchers per month", a figure that was corroborated by the company's head of finance Vincent Iswaratioso during the press conference and public signing in Jakarta on Thursday. The company is selling its MOGPlay vouchers in Rp 20,000, Rp 50,000, and Rp 100,000 denominations at Alfamart locations.

"Alfamart has a wide network across Sumatra, Java, Bali, and Sulawesi. With this partnership, we expect gamers and digital content consumers to be able to acquire MOGPlay vouchers a lot more easily", Hakim said.

Alfamart's general manager corporate communications Nur Rachman explained that Alfamart agrees to sell Indomog's vouchers as a service to its customers. "Being community driven stores, we would like to offer greater convenience to our customers". Currently there are 1000 Alfamart outlets that have been equipped to sell MOGPlay cards and the companies are rolling out the cards to the remaining 6000 outlets over the next several months. "We also have Alfamidi and Alfa Express outlets within our network and we plan to eventually roll out the vouchers to those locations as well".

Hakim admitted that it's a great undertaking to train staff from 7000 outlets but the two companies are happy to do it. "Right now we can say that almost all stores across Java have either begun selling or ready to sell our cards, and the process to get Alfamart stores outside of Java up to speed is already underway. We actually initiated the partnership a little while ago but wanted to make sure we have enough stores on board before announcing it publicly."

Indomog is currently still the sole authorized partner for Zynga credits in Indonesia. Despite the troubles faced by Zynga, Indomog's support for a diverse range of games and services has helped to minimize the effects but the company did not disclose the breakdown of sales or percentage of Zynga and Facebook credits among that of other publishers. "We can't disclose the breakdown, our publishers won't be happy if we do, it's not something we can share", Hakim said. Lyto, Megaxus, Wave Game, Kreon, Asiasoft, and Qeon Interactive are just some of the online game publishers that partner with Indomog.

Aside from online game credits, the MOGPlay cards by Indomog can be used to purchase Facebook credits, music from KlikMusik, MelOn, MusikLegal, and digital magazines and comic books from WayangForce and Ngomik. The company also sells vouchers to facilitate payment for public utilities such as water, electricity, landline phone, Internet, pay TV, as well as mobile phone credits.

The Alfa retail group in May of this year announced a partnership with Malaysia's MOL to sell its online vouchers across its Alfamart, Alfa Express, Alfamidi, and Lawson brands of retail outlets.



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