Introducing Cakap Upskill, to Extend Self-Development Material

Users can pick certain issues, topics, and packages based on demand

Prayogo Ryza - 22 July 2020

Cakap is well known as an application for language learning is now expanding its wings. By formalizing the UpSkill Proficient, they explore new non-language materials and categories, such as entrepreneurship, career development, and self-development.

Cakap UpSkill is to use a module-based and topic-based system, therefore, users can pick the issues, topics, and packages on demand. Cakap team said that they had 500 professional teachers in total. The internal team has curated every teacher in Cakap Upskill through several stages to guarantee the high-quality material along with the teachers.

"According to a survey, Cakap's active user has increased up to 5 times. The traffic in Q1 also increased by 3200% compared to the same period in 2019. Users are varied not only from language enthusiasts but also the skill up to date people. Cakap Upskill was started from user's demand to learn and improve their quality along with their competitiveness in finding jobs or creating jobs in the adapting period of the new normal," Cakap's CEO Tomy Yunus told DailySocial.

Cakap has been consistent with language learning services with the concept of two-way interaction or live tutoring is beginning to consider other contributions in the education sector. Cakap UpSkill is also referred to as an end-to-end solution in providing skill sharing.

"In achieving this vision, we required to develop products that are not limited by language products. It's because we believe that Cakap is not only a language learning application, but as a vehicle to bridging students and quality material resources through two-way interactions," Tomy continued.

EdTech exists inside people's mind

For the past two to three years the education technology industry or edtech has slowly but surely found its best form in accordance with the needs of society. The pandemic and the recent rush of pre-employment cards succeeded in raising the awareness and opportunities of this industry.

Cakap is not quite a new player, its language learning has evolved, not only English but also Mandarin, Japanese, and Indonesian. The team also claimed that their users existed across more than 28 provinces in Indonesia. This also includes collaboration with government agencies to hold classes for their employees.

Tomy explained the Cakap UpSkill is targeting to help those new graduates who wanted to find work, open their own business, or those forced to adapt to the current situation.

"We are aware of the current economic conditions forcing the entire community to adapt and encourage them not to surrender. Through Cakap Upskill and our role as a local startup, we intend to help reduce the failure rate and accelerate recovery by increasing the quality of human resources evenly and thoroughly," Tomy concluded.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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