Introducing Our Two New Endeavor This Year: Hybrid and Orchestra

True technology product is never finished, and that innovation iteration is a continuous pursuit

Rama Mamuaya - 4 February 2019

Here at DailySocial, we believe that the true technology product is never finished, and that innovation iteration is a continuous pursuit. We celebrated our 10 years anniversary late last year, and it really got us thinking on our journey the last decade and where we are going for the next.

It has been our belief that the way tech companies build products and initiatives should rely on bottom-up approach, rather than top-down. Product ideas should come from our team in an organic way of solution-based thinking, where we ask the question: "What is the best way to help solve our market's problem(s)?".

We've multiple in size, revenue and product reach, based on that same approach. And we continue to do so, at least until we find a better way to build a better solution for our market.

So, I'm proud to announce two of our latest endeavor technology products that started out as a small hack and yield great results: and Orchestra.

When we started DailySocial in 2008, there were no internet economy. There were just a bunch of crazy tech nerds with their projects, dreaming of becoming the next Google or Apple. Fast forward 10 years later, those projects evolved into a company, an industry and now its own economy. We see the same thing happening for esports. And of course we weren't just launching another media company talking about games and competitions. We cover the esports as an ecosystem, from industry perspective and an ever-growing organism of its own.

Please keep in mind that is more than just a media. We're an ecosystem hub. We don't just cover the news, we make the news. We don't just write about the industry, we move the industry forward.

If you're interested in the ecosystem and industry perspective of esports in Indonesia, you want to check out Our goal is to deliver great quality content about Indonesia's esports ecosystem and all its entities within, its movement, its progress and becoming a hub for all entities to create and collaborate.

>> Visit


For many of our friends in the tech industry, how DailySocial makes money has been a mystery. We have no ads on our website, but somehow we managed to grow our team, our revenue and stay profitable for 4 years straight without taking a lot of investment money. For the past 3 years or so, we've been focusing our resource on helping corporate clients with their digital transformation as a part of their corporate innovation effort. And business has been great!

We've been doing this a lot, for many different clients from different industries. But the awesome part is, we get to learn about the problems of corporate innovation process therefore see that there process that are crucial, repeatable, bloated and which process that aren't necessary at all. All these learning from helping our clients, we started building a technology platform to help accelerate the process.

After numerous iterations, and helping more than 10+ corporate clients from financial sector, F&B and FMCG the past year, we feel that we're ready to announce this platform to the world and help solve more problems in the digital transformation and corporate innovation space.

We call this platform, Orchestra. Philosophically, just like an orchestra, corporate innovation is a lot of different functions working in alignment with the maestro, although playing different tunes and notes produces an amazing harmony flattering to the senses. Orchestra, is essentially a platform to help corporate to: incubate innovation ideas (internally and externally) and to connect with innovation ecosystem (startups, founders, engineers, data scientists).

We also have a dashboard for executive decision maker that will oversee the whole process in real time, a dashboard we rightfully call Maestro.

If you want to know more about Orchestra, shoot me an email (rama at dailysocial dot id) and let's talk!

- We are super excited to have launch these new endeavors, and we look forward in working with the rest of the ecosystem in moving the technology industry forward and upward.

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