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wiku - 20 July 2012

There are many websites that provide list and information of job vacancy in the market, some of them specifically targeting certain segment. Now, there is another job listing website based on the location of the workplace, Developed by no stranger, Willy Ekasalim who is also the founder of Bistip, together with Kreshna Utama.

In a conversation via email, Kreshna Utama, CEO of, explains that’s service is to provide a list of vacancies based on the name of the area that can be recognized by job seeker. This means a more familiar name of the location instead of the official name of the location.

The area division is based on the traffic density condition. This may be one of the excellence offered by JobLocal. Kreshna explains that the area division is one of JobLocal’s main focus and it’s done its own data collecting based on observation.

The focus on customized location of workplace is the benefit that wanted to be highlighted. This is to cut the time spent by job seeker to seek job in location they prefer. This is based on JobLocal’s observation on the condition of existing job listing information which not fit with the actual location of the job. JobLocal wants to give information on job vacancy as detailed as possible. For Jakarta, this also can trick the traffic, job seeker can find jobs near their homes to reduce the negative impact of work activity caused by coming in late or other excuse.

JobLocal seems to target small – middle companies, as well, which want to select employee based on residence as a mean to increase productivity.

For the website, job seeking is currently unavailable (I was given special access to see available facilities), but there is facility for employer to post job vacancy. All facilities are free, at least for the next 3 months. There will be paid facility for employer while employee is not planned to be charged.

In the future, job seeker will have their own profile and other facilities such as map, because JobLocal focuses on location. Kreshna also says there will be addition in the form of location visualizaton for a more interactive job seeking.

Online job listing competition is tight, DailySocial also has its own segment with Jobs@DS, with other services such as JobsDB, JobsStreet,, etc. but JobLocal is optimistic to be able to compete in the other services. With a different concept it offers, Kreshna also says that it will also do a market mapping in the next few months to develop the service.

The focus of the service is Jakarta, which shown in the information inside the website, is an option, at least for a start. But it seems that it will also provide service for other cities becayse I see a vacancy in Surabaya from the access given by JobLocal. Obviously, observation on the condition in other cities is needed if JobLocal wants to target cities other than Jakarta.

Another issue comes from employer. There are vacancies seeked out by people regardless the location. Moreover, not all area in Indonesia has traffic condition that similar to Jakarta, although traffic is a problem in every city, but the level of disturbance toward productivity must be different. But it’s still interesting to see the development of because job listing service is one of segments that will always seeked out. is a news portal for startup and technology innovation. You can be a part of`s startup community and innovation members, download our tech research and statistic reports, and engage with our innovation community.

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