Berita Prepares Inter-Generation Worker Transition

The pioneer of online career portal in Indonesia,, recently just launched MT Academy, a management trainee program designed for Z generation. The term generation Z refers to those who were born after 1995, also well-known as millenial generation. This generation indeed requires special attention, as it must keep up with the pace of technology development, which is very vast nowadays.

This attempt is done by to deal with worker transition preparation, since the generation Z will take over the career opportunities in various business line in Indonesia in the next couple of years. As stated by’s CEO, this MT Academy program has its focus centered on communication capability development, analysis capability, self-growth process, business motivation, and entrepreneurship mental development.

During its first year, MT Academy will focus on business school to net talents in sales, marketing and financial sector, with engineering and psychology dominating the next year. This program is seen to be efficient, particularly for the companies’ recruitment process, as the attendees of MT Academy possess their own high qualification, both with excellent academic background and other supporting test results like TOEFL.

Generation Z characteristics

Unlike the previous Generation Y which encompasses those who were born between 1981-1995, this Generation Z tends to be more tech-savvy. It’s not a surprise, since while old timers spent their time playing marbles or other traditional games, kids nowadays prefer playing with their gadgets or online gaming consoles. It is debatable though, since people of Generation Y were no stranger to technology themselves, but all agree that the IT sector in Indonesia started to bloom after 1995. That makes people of Generation Z had all the advanced resources right since the very day they were born.

There’s also a unique differentiation between both generations, as Generation Z regards privacy better than Generation Y. Generation Z was born as more mature, socially (digitally) active, and more share and communicate more, thanks to the given facilities available.

This transition becomes important for companies’ HR departments, as they must set a new standard and qualification method. The shift also marks their shift as well, from merely a personnel department that handles salaries and benefits, to strategic human resources and talent management department that handles competence, performance, and succession blueprint management.

Being spoiled with latest technologies, the Generation Z’s working pattern will also undergo a drastic transition as well. Thus, attempts like MT Academy is expected to prepare and facilitate the transition so that the future human resources can be managed effectively as well as accelerated.

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