Karyakarsa Creator Appreciation Platform to Target 1000 Creators in a Years

Around 36 million enthusiasts are willing to pay for their favorite creators

Bintoro Agung - 17 September 2019

Karyakarsa creator appreciation platform is finally launched to the public. After three-month preparation, the new startup claims to have 100 creators joined the platform.

After being introduced in June 2019, Karyakarsa starts the engine by having a discussion with the creators on Friday (9/13). As the Founder and CEO, Ario Tamat and the Advisor, Pandji Pragiwaksono and Aria Rajasa also participated in the event.

It has come to the conclusion that there's an alternative income for the creators from their fans. Karyakarsa has adopted the Patreon concept for the local market, they tried to fill up the blank on the platform which can connect creators with their fans.

"Imagine if the 1,000 people willing to give Rp10,000, it'll make Rp10 million," Ario explained.

Indonesian creator is said to have difficulty for alternative income besides sponsor, endorsement, or merchandise using basic support as fans. On the other side, Karyakarsa, on its research, found 36 million people willing to pay for their favorite creators.

Fanbase becomes essential in this business model. The more fans, the bigger amount will get into the creator's pocket. The fundraising method is 'pay as you go', means the fans can give as many they want anytime they will. Meanwhile, the subscription option is still on progress.

Karyakarsa to take 10 percent of each transaction made on the platform. "It includes the transaction fee and others," he added.

To date, Gopay is still the only payment method on Karyakarsa, Ovo is soon available. He also mentioned that they've tried adding bank transfer method for the bigger amount.

From the 100 registered creators, the other hundred is going to register soon. Ario has in mind to target 1,000 creators within a year.

In addition to acquiring creators, as a bootstrap business, he currently looking for investors to expand Karyakarsa. He also said this platform is to grow bigger, considering the big market and healthy competition.

"It means validation, a big potential, and our belief in fans that willing to pay, it doesn't matter who's the winner," he said.

Karyakarsa is currently accessible through the website. From all creators who joined the platform, some are popular names, such as Pandji Pragiwaksono, Sunny Gho the comic, Ditta Sarasvati the illustrator, and Bena Kribo the content creator.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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