Kaskus Invests in KontrakHukum

It's expected to collaborate in helping SMEs, including Kaskusers

Prayogo Ryza - 16 November 2018

Kaskus announces an investment to KontrakHukum, a digital platform providing various legal services. There's no further detail regarding its value. It's expected to encourage synergy, particularly in legal support for the community of business players and content creators in Kaskus.

"The partnership is part of our support for Kaskuser can get a legal education from a credible and trusted source. The aim is for Kaskuser who also the business player or content creator, is no longer hesitant to secure their work or business in legal perspective for the future," Edi Taslim, Kaskus' CEO, explained.

KontrakHukum is a digital platform founded by Rieke Caroline. Having a founder with legal background and experience, KontrakHukum holds a mission to educate SMEs and startups to aware of legal early.

Some legal services offered by KontrakHukum are the making of the agreement, business entity, Intellectual Property Rights registration, business license, legal consulting, notary, and many more. Those services are accessible through its online platform. To date, KontrakHukum has served hundreds of clients.

"The strong Kaskus communities in 58 regions in Indonesia will strategically help us to reach people in the rural area to be literate and begin to involve legal aspects in running the business or secure their work. Through the digitally integrated services, we can provide quick, easy, and affordable legal services," Rieke Caroline, KontrakHukum's Founder, said.

Kaskus is actively developing their business and services this year. A number of investments become their strategy, one of those is investment in Indonesian Language NLP Development company. Another strategy is by adding several new services, such as Kaskus TV and Kaskus Podcast.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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