KoinWorks' RoboLending Automates Profit Estimation and Investment Process

Designed using “machine learning” technology

Randi Eka - 23 February 2018

P2P lending provider KoinWorks announces new features in its platform. It's a feature designed for giving comprehensive information related to potential benefit for lenders that already being estimated within a certain period.

The feature automates every investment process and funding allocation of specified investment. RoboLending is developed using machine learning, studying the existing transaction model for the whole year (in 2017).

For KoinWorks, having an autorun service becomes a necessity in the midst of increasing number of enthusiasts. Currently, there are more than 40 thousand lenders in KoinWorks. There are 600 investors participate for all loan applications in average. Using RoboLending, KoinWorks side mission is to facilitate newcomer investors, especially those expecting quick results.

"RoboLending is a machine learning-based feature we create from our investment activities during 2017. We hope this feature can help to increase financial inclusion, for young investors wanting to invest, can allocate funds using this feature. RoboLending is one of KoinWorks innovation in technology because we believe that innovation is the base of economic development," KoinWorks' CEO & Co-Founder Benedicto Haryono responded.

He explains with lumpsum return method, all lenders using RoboLending feature will get a refund according to the interest of the terms approved. This feature also considered being a breakthrough in Indonesia's p2p lending network, complementing KoinWorks commitment to present innovations within the framework of p2p lending service it provides.

Previously, KoinWorks has launched Dana Proteksi to minimize lender's loss everytime the borrower fails to pay back. Other services such as KoinBisnis, KoinPintar, KoinSehat, and KoinInvoice are presented to cover a variety of loan needs. In 2017, KoinWorks has launched Multi Auto Purchase that allows autorun funding distribution to all existing investment products based on investor's preference.

So far, KoinWorks has managed to distribute funding to over 824 borrowers. This feature is expected to increase the amount of investment and recruit more lenders with the easy investment.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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