Kompas Gramedia Appoints Brightcove for Cloud-Based Video Solution

Prayogo Ryza - 17 September 2015

Kompas Gramedia Group appoints Brightcove to optimize the video service on its online media. Brightcove has a collection of portfolio in cloud and video which will help Kompas managing online video content and applying its latest technology while attempting to provide better experience to its users., one of media under Kompas Gramedia Group, is one of most popular news portal in Indonesia. According to a data by Brightcove, around 43 million visitors access the portal on monthly basis. Appointing Brightcove as a partnering video and cloud vendor could be Kompas’ attempt to serve the best to its loyal readers.

Brightcove’s service will help Kompas to implement several solutions related to video cloud, such as sole integration for online video content management and utilization of its latest technology for better user engagement.

“Internet, mobile, and social generation have created new methods in which media companies need to engage directly with their loyalists. By adopting video content, we believe that we make a significant move in attracting younger visitors who are used to consume on the go content on their favorite screen,” said Kompas Gramedia Group’s Director of Digital Edi Taslim.

“We need an easy and advanced solution of distribution which is really scalable in all of our digital media lines. We’re really glad to partner with prominent players like Brightcove, as we may now expand the possibilities of adding video content to our own,” he continued.

“The new video cloud doesn’t only enable video experience to Kompas Gramedia viewers but also do it with remarkable velocity and agility, along with innovative and high quality video player that strengthen their brand, as well as the ability to monetize on phone screen and every single social channel where the demand for content exists,” Brightcove’s Video President for Asia Pacific Mark Blair summed up.

Translated by Rifki Aria Nugraha

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